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Heptalyzer User's Guide

Welcome to the Heptalyzer tool! This document should help you get familiar with working with our tool.

About Heptalyzer

The Heptalyzer tool allows you to assess a business plan based on the strength of its key components and your confidence level in each element. You receive the result as score numbers, as well as graphically, in the form of heptagons that get filled and/or change color to illustrate you business plan's strengths and weaknesses.

Using Hetpalyzer

Heptalyzer consists of the following parts:

Image of Heptalyzer

  1. Names of elements (links to sub-heptagons)
  2. Sliders (Blue for score and Red for Confidence level)
  3. Heptagons
  4. Setup and Help Buttons
  5. Scores

In order to evaluate a business plan, you need to enter your score and confidence value for each element. You can do this by dragging the corresponding slider, moving it to a position from 0 (none) to 100 (complete). The blue slider represents the score of the corresponding element into the overall business plan, and the red slider shows your estimate of confidence in score of the element. The main heptagon will reflect your changes, and so will the scores under it. Below you can see how the heptagon looks with some values changed.


Image of working Heptalyzer

For finer adjustments, you have a sub-heptagon for every element of the main heptagon. You can access the sub-heptagon of an element by clicking its name, which is a link to its sub-heptagon. The sub-heptagons look and work in the same way as the main heptagon, and display scores of their own for the particular element. There is also a Back button available under every sub-heptagon, which returns you to the main heptagon.

Heptalyzer Setup

You can change the weight that each element has on the overall score. To do this, click the Setup button and use the sliders (1 in the picture below) to set the weight of elements. When you are done, click the Back button (2) in the Setup screen (shown below) to return to the heptagon or sub-heptagon which you were setting up.

Image of Heptalyzer Setup screen

Heptalyzer Help

For a more detailed description of Heptalyzer's model and the elements used in scoring, you can click the Help button in any heptagon screen or turn to page 28 of the White Paper.

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