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Valuation Calculators

The validation of startup and emerging companies is a very difficult task since most of them have a negative cash flow in the early stages, but have the potential for a significant financial return later.

Nevertheless, investors are confronted frequently by startups and ventures whose current value must be estimated in spite of the fact that much of the reward lies in the future.

Following are three of the most commonly used methods for the valuation of startup and emerging companies, including the Income Approach, Market Approach and Asset Approach.

Income Approach is an estimation of future cash flow that could be taken out without impairing future operations, such as Net Present Value, Equity Cash Flow and Capital Cash Flow (Adjusted Cash Flow being a variation of this method).

Market Approach is an estimation of the value of a going concern business by comparing to similar firms whose stock is publicly traded. In many cases, this approach is used as a secondary valuation method to verify the estimates derived from the Income Approach.

Asset Approach is valuation based on the firm as a financial option.

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