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Executive Summary Template

Critical to the development of a sound investment proposal is a well designed Executive Summary.

In a sense, an Executive Summary is your "sales pitch" to investors, containing the most significant points of your investment proposal. An Executive Summary should persuade the investor to want to take a closer look at your proposal.

Guidelines and Instructions

  • Provide a short description of the investment opportunity you are presenting in the form of a vision and/or mission statement
  • Describe your target buyer's need or desire. Avoid technical terms and only focus on explaining the opportunity. Include the profile of target customers
  • Describe how you want to address the need or opportunity. Concentrate on essential value proposition and customer benefits
  • Explain the potential profit from this project and provide supporting data such as market size, market share and growth rate. Describe your revenue model and expected profit margin
  • Describe your current & future competitors and any other external risks that the investment may be exposed to. Demonstrate knowledge of the landscape and your competitive advantage
  • Describe how you plan to pull it off. Summarize your sales, marketing, development and partnership plans. Highlight milestones achieved to date and planned for the future
  • Introduce your team and emphasize on what YOU bring to the table. Explain the role and responsibility of each member and any other human resources that you would need to execute the plan.
  • Describe the financial resources that you have or need to make the plan successful. Include available and projected cash, burn rate and revenue
  • Explain how far the investment will take you and how do you plan to continue from there

Download our Executive Summary Template as a PDF file or as a WORD file.

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