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I'm an angel investor and member of a local investment club. Heptalysis has allowed me to gain deeper insights into businesses and technologies that are new to me. The Heptalysis process also results in better evaluation of management teams, and more extensive and higher-quality due diligence.

Alex N. , AngelsCorner

I purchased online package a few weeks ago. The system is a very unique startup planning software. There is probably nothing like it anywhere else. I found the templates to be very helpful. there is an analyzer too to maximize its benefits. The staff at Heptalysis.com were also very quick and helpful in answering my questions and considering my suggestions.

Rick C. - Abprofund Group

I've pitched to several VC and Angel Investors over the past year, but never got any further than that. Now I know why! This tool helped me to understand the selection process from an investor's viewpoint.

Terry Goldberg - Paytec, Inc.
































Heptalysis Primer!

Entrepreneurs are the engine that drives economic growth. Small businesses are the largest employer group worldwide, and continue to add more jobs than any multi-national corporate giant could ever hope to create. Entrepreneurial ideas and new technologies will keep us in the forefront of continuous innovation, while constantly creating new sources of wealth.

It all begins with a spark, an idea that eases the pain of a dire need – a need that no one else has been able to fill.

Pejman Makhfi, Managing Director of VentureChoice, had such an idea. As a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant to the industry, he constantly ran up against the challenge of evaluating proposed ventures and difficulty of separating an entrepreneur’s enthusiasm from the cold hard facts that are necessary to gauge the viability of a project.

What is often ignored by entrepreneurs is how investors look at their proposition. As a result, funding requests are often rejected, leaving entrepreneurs disappointed and investors short of investment opportunities.

As a specialist in process improvement, Mr. Makhfi was convinced that there had to be a process-based solution. His experience over many years of working with start-ups and investors and his deep familiarity with successful venture models led him to develop Heptalysis, a patent pending planning and assessment methodology that has now been launched.

Heptalysis takes its name from the seven assessment areas that investors use for evaluating investment opportunities in startups or business ventures. Referring to the picture below they are:

1. Market Opportunity
2. Product/Solution
3. Execution Plan
4. Financial Engine
5. Human Capital
6. Potential Return
7. Margin of Safety




How Important is Each Element?

Of course, investment decisions are entirely subjective and cannot be generalized. However, Heptalysis allows entrepreneurs, consultants and investors to develop, test and standardize their own internal model, customized to their own needs.

There are different types of investors, such as Angel investors, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity firms and Strategic investors.

Each category has a different view of each element and hence assigns different weights to each. For example Angel investors would put a much higher value on human capital than corporate and strategic investors. Heptalysis calibration capability allows users to adjust the elements according to their target audience and financing preferences, while allowing for real-time adjustment according to specific circumstances.

Answer Simple Questions; Gain Sophisticated Analysis

The software prompts you to answer a series of questions that score each element’s ability to fulfill its function or promise. These questions differ slightly depending on the industry and revenue stage of the venture.

Based upon your answers, Heptalysis actually graphs the viability of each of the seven elements. A graph is constructed so that a perfect investment opportunity corresponds to a fully symmetric heptagon as shown below in yellow. However, most investment opportunities will have a deformed shape. For instance, the pink shaded area below denotes a venture’s strengths and need for attention to risk margin and financial plan.


In addition, the Heptalysis model can capture your confidence level in each aspect of the assessment to visually show areas of uncertainties that need to be dealt with. In the following graph the blue line represents the score of the elements. The red line represents the confidence level relative to each score. Yellow represents areas of uncertainty.



For a more accurate reading and to simplify usage in analysis and planning, each element can be broken down into composite sub-elements, which collectively produce the result for the main element.

Heptalysis is so much more than just a collection of best practices. Properly used, the program produces an instantly visible snapshot of a venture’s strengths, as well as areas in need of attention. The complementary eBook will provide guidance in planning your venture and addressing its shortcomings.

With extensive questionnaires, calculators, templates and other tools, Heptalysis guides the user through a rigorous process of planning and analysis, while leaving room to calibrate output to specific needs.

The sophisticated graphic reporting capabilities of Heptalysis are easily shared with team members and/or advisor. Graphs are constructed for each assessment element and for the venture as a whole. This enables the team to precisely zero in on areas that require attention before presenting the venture to investors.


Of course, investment decisions are entirely subjective and cannot be generalized. However, Heptalysis allows entrepreneurs, consultants and investors to develop, test and standardize their own internal model, customized to their own venture needs.

Web-based and easy to use, Heptalysis simplifies sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to help you plan, develop, and pitch your venture successfully – every time.



Unlocking The Venture Code



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